A Manifesto for Panocracy

We hold it common that:

  1. All human beings are equal
  2. Every human being has the right at all times to act in their own self interests.
  3. No one has the right to make a decision on behalf of another unless that person has given their specific and explicit consent.


The movement

  1. Is an association of people with equal rights and responsibilities and therefore has no hierarchy.
  2. exists to work for a world in which people live together in accordance with the principles which we hold in common.
  3. Members of the movement are those who choose to be and who fully assent to these principles.
  4. Members take responsibility for acting, including not acting, in whatever way they see fit in support of the movement's objectives and in the light of the world as they experience it.
  5. Members take responsibility for attending to their own needs, physical, emotional and spiritual, especially the need to be fully effective human beings in the world.

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