Making decisions "in the service of" others

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Making decisions "in the service of" others

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When someone exercises some sort of authority, whether a representative like a Member of Parliament (MP) or just someone exercising some form of leadership which we are content form them to do, we tend to talk of them speaking or deciding "on our behalf" or "for us". In democratic thinking these people have delegated authority, in other words my MP may claim to have the authority to speak as my substitute, even, possibly, to the extent that I am not allowed to speak for myself.

This, of course, is contrary to the basic principle of panocracy. I may be content for someone to say what they think may be in my interests or to make decisions that affect me, whether or not I exercise my right to be involved, but they are fully responsible for what they do or decide, they are not acting "on my behalf".

I struggle a bit to come up with forms of word that express this idea. I am thinking that phrases like "in my service" might be appropriate. Somebody organises an activity, taking various decisions, as a service to me (and the others involved). Energy companies decide how to get energy to my house in my service. An MP, in panocratic thinking, acts in the service of their constituents, they are performing a service for them. Just like anyone performing a service for me, I may approve of how they do it or I may not. In any event they are responsible for how they perform the service.

Any other ideas?

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