EFIOS Supporters

Education For Its Own Sake
The Free Educators Network

An informal network of individuals and groups who support EFIOS.

Supporters may participate in a number of activities in support of EFIOS, including:

- organising meetings or gatherings to get together and to share ideas relating to EFIOS. These are likely to be independent, self funded activities.

- participate in dicussions on this e-mail list.

- maintain this or other web sites.

- publish newsletters, again independent and self funded.

- publicise these initiatives.

- provide independent administrative support for EFIOS or the FEN.

- raise money and keep it in independent funds for the support of these activities.

- etc.

People active in the supporters network may also be EFIOS teachers, members of a FEN group, both or neither. Anyone interested in getting involved can start by joining the e-mail list.

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